Sonic Mania (Plus)
Sonic Mania (Plus)
Game Port Med Feas.

This just released not too long ago, and I would love to see this on the vita! I am gonna be honest, I haven't looked at the dependencies of the project, and I'm not even sure if it's possible to port this. I just want to suggest this, just in case.

  • Source Code / Reference GitHub Repo
  • Programming language C/C++
  • Dependencies
    SDL2 libogg libtheora
  • License Custom
  • Status Done
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Discussion on Sonic Mania (Plus)
2 years ago

This game has finally been ported to PSVita. Here is the Git:

My custom version of VPK 1.0 with added extras like the instruction manual adapted to PSVita + IntroductionManual + Official Artbook (All in Spanish):

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